Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wow, it's been awhile...alot has happened in the last month or so.
We launched epic church in the beginning of September. It has been an amazing and humbling journey...and I am so excited to see what each new day brings, as our story continues!

As far as my health goes...I have had a couple of scares with bloodclots in my line. The first one was taken care of pretty easy and quickly. The second one caused a bit more stress, but it is amazing what drano can do these days!! ;) haven't had a problem since then.

Treatment has been going fine....not too fast...and really slow...but it is progessing. I have had some rough days still, but all in all, they seemed to be getting better. About three weeks ago I was rear ended, so that has set me back some...not sure how much at this point. Still waiting on an MRI of my back and neck. I have had some pretty rough days since then....the last two were really rough and today I can barely move. Trent had to help me out of bed, to the bathroom, etc. Fun stuff! :) Makes me feel like a young 90 year old trying to fight off that discouragment...otherwise I was hit by a flying golf ball at the park the other day when I got to get out with my kids for the 1st time in awhile. Yes, that was very exciting....Trent and I looked at each other, while I tried to hold in the "burn" of the contact point....with an expression of ????!!!!!! How do you answer those rhyme or reason...we have decided that since I never really had an authentic "bulls -eye"targeted rash that some Lyme patients get..(.mine was just a raised red rash)...then I have instead become the actual "bulls-eye" target. lol

So... every day is an exciting adventure! :) Right now we are waiting on a couple of MRI's from the accident and then I am supposed to have another in Dec. to compare the inflamation in the hips (for insurance purposes) etc. The Dr. was wanting to take me off of the meds on DEc. 9th whether or not I am better...(insurance purposes). I am a little concerned about that ...don't want to start all over with meds...or go backwards in my recovery. ...due to insurance purposes ;) So, I would appreciate your prayers on that one...just that God will continue to pave the way...make it clear what our next move needs to be and that all of the details will fall into place accordingly. Still lots of unknowns in the air. Overall I think I might be 50% better...still have a long way to go. My cognitive abilities seem to be much better and some of the physical symptoms have subsided. I still have lots of pain in my hips and legs...and sometimes my back since the accident. Tremors and twitches and facial numbness fit in well during this Halloween I look kind of normal when they come on..:) Appreicate all of your encouragement and prayers..especially for my sister Kelly and brother-in-law Randy, in North Carolina. He got a bone biopsy today, should know something soon.

Choosing to remind myself of Truth today......"Never doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light."
Appreciating life today...hope you are too!

Reading Prov. 3:5-6 today...