Monday, March 15, 2010

Almost a month into my new treatment. I have to say that I am so thankful for my doctor! We have been slowly progressing into the treatment a med at a time. Every week I add more and today is the biggest leap by doubling some doses and adding three new meds. I'm usually "down" the first couple of days of the week..nights are rough, but then it levels out by the weekend. So usually by Sunday my body has worked through the crazy symptoms just in time to start up again on Monday. But the doc is so great. She really wants me to be able to function day to day as much as possible instead of living at the hospital (because of med or symptom overload!) We are in contact with her continually and have more access to her (in North Carolina) than we ever had with my local dr.'s So she has been a tremendous blessing and answer to prayer!
Trent and I had a phone conference with her this morning and everything seems to be going ok. I go in for bloodwork tomorrow..if I can stand the meds tonight, otherwise I may be in bed for a couple of days ..that's always fun!
Something you can be praying for with us about....Annie has had several new "symptoms" show up in the last couple of weeks. (Several are exactly like mine, just not as severe...muscle twisting, migrains, burning sensations in her arms and hands, etc.) After discussing her with the doc. we are going ahead with some more specific tests for chronic Lyme (for her). Hoping to have those results before too long. Praying that it is not that, but seems like it is more than just a digestive issue.