Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting ready to start a new med. tomorrow. So far things have been pretty good. Again, so thankful for my doctor and grateful (beyond words) that she is going slowly with my treatment. Two weeks ago I was "down for the count" for most of the week. I had taken more than I was supposed to on one of my meds. and it caused the Lyme to kick into gear at full speed. Not unusual....that's why we are going very slow. So this week I didn't "up" anything so that I could level out. (Sorry...having a bit of a problem with finding the right should see me with the kids....we are going to be the champs at Charades!:)

Anyway,... this last week allowed my body to adjust, so I was able to be with the kids while they have been out of school for Spring Break. Most of the problems I have been having the last couple of weeks (apart from the crazy week) have been with my hearing and my vision. Sometimes it's nice to not hear things..:)...but I'm a little nervous to lose it completely. I usually listen to music or podcasts when I can't sleep and now that I am having vision problems, it's hard to read too. I still have burning sensations throughout my body and I have had a hard time with insomnia. My overall pain has lessened for the most part. Monday through Wed. are my roughest days. Usually by the weekend I have leveled out, which is great because the kids are home from school and I get to participate in epic (our church), family or other activities.

Migrains, tremors, twitches, memory and word searching have been difficult as well. I have found myself withdrawing from conversations again....because it is so exhausting to concentrate on the conversation and keep up sometimes and it's hard at times to respond...I know what I am thinking...just can't get it out.

Annie and Koty have both been having problems on and off for awhile, but lately they have both increased. Koty has had problems walking all week, lots of pain in his knees and stomach. We are waiting for results for Annie concerning Lyme and now we will be testing Koty. We were all on the hike together, and from what I understand, sometimes it takes awhile for it to kick in for kids. I would appreciate your prayers for them.

Thankful for so many things and so many people. Today I had the chance to be at the beach for an extended time...first time in a long time my body didn't react to the sun and heat. I almost cried just feeling the breeze. :0 Also, I have been able to roll over in bed without crying! Can't tell you how exciting that is! I know this one doesn't sound too exciting...but is...was able to put a sheet on Koty's bed... all by myself. (Only took about 20 minutes!ha)
The simplest things in life are truly treasures. The sad thing is that sometimes it takes losing those things before we can really appreciate them. I read this quote again today...very humbling...
"I believe in the sun even when it is not shining;
in love even when I am alone;
and in God even when He is silent."
(inscription found scratched into a wall in Germany by someone hiding from Nazi concentration camp.)